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Reasonable Alternatives to Bubble

I have been using Bubble for almost 9 years. Ups and downs, it has been a great builder. Now, checking these new changes, I sadly might need to keep open the possibility of having another option where to go. I know there are bunch of nocode new tools out there, but I’ll sincere appreciate you to mention me those that actually could be a real good working alternative to Bubble. Thanks!




Anyone tried flutterflow and wappler? Do you think, they can be a good alternative?


A lot have jumped to wappler in the 2022 pricing fiasco and seem to like it a lot… Depends on your needs for compliance or not and your use case.


Flutterflow is an all in one builder similar to Bubble

Pair WeWeb with Xano for fantastic app builder. Can export the source code from WeWeb for the front end but requires an annual commitment to an enterprise plan

Dittofi is worth a good look. All in one builder and they have some new plans coming out for solo builders. Can export source code for the full application to host yourself if that’s your thing.

There’s always the Bubbler’s favorite - Wappler

Retool is a great tool for building internal apps

Glide apps


Bildr is amazing. Front end, backend, and logic. An interface that you can even paste CSS into or toggle switches and stuff like in Webflow if you prefer that. They even have a lifetime “Studio pass” that allows unlimited apps. A great small team that does office hours every Thu. The “Flows” and “action” give you access to all JavaScript events and functions neatly wrapped in a UI. To me, Bildr feels like the sleeper not too many people know about.

They do have some areas of improvement such as the database collections not having customizable views so you can’t easily view subsets of your data, not having a friendly debugger and having to use Chrome dev inspector — but I’m sure they’ll get around to implementing these over time.

Strongly recommend checking out Bildr especially after todays pricing fiasco. Check out their YouTube channel.

Edit: Oh, and I believe you can export the HTML and CSS on some plans.


Bildr is fantastic!


Looking at their pricing plans it reminds me of the 2022 proposed model.


Ha ha haaa!

1 Like, good pricing, self hosting options, good community support.


I’m thinking I have 18 months to learn web development with the help of chat GPT


My app is 90% backend workflows handling data and api integrations, since it is a chatbot that uses OpenAI and WhatsApp to share data that was uploaded through the web app.

Which Bubble alternative would you recommend for this?

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Drapcode looks interesting as you can export your code. And Noodl because you can self host.

Bildr seems like a good alternative. I will start playing with it. Been 7 years with bubble. I m out this time for real
Too much instabillity. Killing tons of businees with 1 post :slight_smile:


Switched to wappler some time ago and never looked back.


Very interested in FlutterFlow. Anything that allows you to export the actual code is attractive.


Flutterflow will have an AI builder soon: Introducing FlutterFlow AI Gen | AI to Generate Your App Idea - YouTube

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I left Bubble after the last pricing fiasco. I was very interested in wappler but the no free learning tier model kept me away, but people who did move seems to like it.

I moved to flutterflow, which is a fantastic platform. I’ve only used it for mobile app dev. But if this pricing changes goes ahead in its current form. I will be looking at flutterflow web.


thank you for this post because I am one of the people who will see the cost increase by 1000%

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Hi, I will need to migrate but I wish to do so with the following constraints:

  • it has to be in a gradual way
  • I want to avoid putting again all my eggs in one basket, i. e. I want a tool for the db, my heavy queries and back-end actions, a different tool for the front-end.
  • I still want to rely on no-code tools

I’m wondering if Xano for the backend + Bubble for the frontend could grant me reasonable costs. I know that each external API call is at least 1 WU but all the many steps I need would be done by Xano.

The problem is that my app’s front-end would not jut POST to Xano the user’s input and GET the Xano’s outcome once. The front-end page would need to be constantly updated. Is there any documentation showing how external API calls impact on WUs?

P.S. If I think all the time I dedicated in the last 2 years to Bubble and that now I will need to rebuild everything, I’m going to cry.