Exporting CSV Data with Filters

Dear bubblers,
I have a little problem exporting CSV data. Exporting data works fine but I dont know how to filter the results.

An example, my app shows all the sales a company makes per day. I want to be able to specify a date range. That is, I want to be able to export only sales made 1st January to 14th January.\

How can i achieve this?
Thank you.

I’ll appreciate any feedback on this.

thank you :grinning::grinning:

Hey @bosunjohnson,

Are you exporting the csv file data from within the ‘Data’ option of your app or are you using a plugin?

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Hi @lantzgould I am not using the “Data” option.

I have a button that when I click, it exports the data.


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I found the best way to filter is via a repeating group that already has the selected results - as you can then apply filters dynamically in the UI. See example


But you can also do a search via the data-source section. But this will then be a fixed CSV file, and if you want the results to be dynamic, you will need varied options (Date Picker) to filter with, via the UI.


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