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Exporting data from excel to bubble via parabola not working

I’m trying to export data from excel to bubble via parabola API following this tutorial @romanmg made :

this is parabola sittings :

and here what i get in bubble :
after the request, it changes from this

to this :

for me, that seems that connection is established and something happened
anyone did it before
i almost ran out of credits trying to do it :frowning:
thank you
also, I think @CMayor has the same issue as me

Haven’t messed around with Parabola, but if you’re using the detect data, you should only have to initialize it once. Then remove that initialize portion at the end of your url when you want data to be sent to the bubble app.

thank you exactly that what gaby said in the tutorial but when to remove it? it wich phase

I believe you exactly Nailed It! but how ?!

in case you missed my replay

Hey @migren.almjnoni I don’t know if this is still a problem you’re having, but I came across this post because I had the same issue, I solved it, and wanted to log the solution for other users.

I don’t know why Parabola couldn’t auto-detect and set up the request body, but it didn’t. If your request body was empty, simply set up the data you want to send using JSON like the image below and it will send the data through.