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Has anyone got the Parabola bubble export to work?

Trying to get some data out of airtable into Bubble using Parabola.

Has anyone got it to work? Documentation is pretty useless and I am burning through Parabola credits trying to test it (now there is a shitty business model if ever I saw it).


I have a few working parabola to bubble workflows. I can help you will pm you tomorrow afternoon.

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Have you tried airtable api?

Yes, I can pull in the data using a Bubble API workflow and using the brute force method I can do it in Integromat (delete everything and then replace it all).

But thought I would give the “new” Parabola/Bubble tie-up a try. It should mean only updating those rows that have changed.

Actually, I think I may well have it working - I think it needed a Content Type to work.

Are you sending data from bubble to parabola or vice versa? I’ve only done it parabola to bubble.

Yeah, Parabola to Bubble. It was the Content Type I needed I think.

Where are you adding the content-type in parabola? Did you create a manual API in parabola to export back to bubble?

They have a bubble widget plugin now that you can use to export back to parabola. All you need is to enter your:

  1. api/1.1/obj api endpoint
  2. Your body JSON “Bubble data type name”: “{parabola name}”,
  3. Bearer token

Sidenote - the maximum export speed I can obtain from parabola back to bubble is 250 / 280 request per minute, for each bubble export widget. When I have a large file, I break up the export from parabola so that I have multiple API exports happening at once to achieve 1000 or 2000 request per minute back to bubble.

I am using the Parabola plugin, and needed to add the content type


Or that might just be something I did and it suddenly worked :slight_smile:

My data is in Airtable, and the limit of 100 records makes it quite hard to show markers on maps etc so I am importing skeleton data into Bubble and then I can link out Airtable using the Id if I need to.

It is quite slow and annoyingly you can’t stop parabola when it is running, so it can take an hour to wait before you realise you have messed up.

I haven’t had to any any custom header. Mine is blank. No problems running it for 10s of thousands of items. My speed average is about 250 per minute for each bubble export widget.

Ha, yeah, I did wonder if it was coincidental :slight_smile:

Some Gotchas…

  • Bubble get is limited to 500 out of the box so need to increase the page size
  • If you try to use an empty table Parabola will fail. Add a “deleteme” entry in the key field manually
  • There is an interesting bug, I think, with PATCHing an address field. POST does the Geocode ok, PATCH sets the address to 1816 28th Ave S F, Birmingham, AL 35209, USA every time
  • You can quickly run out of geocoded and Parabola creds (although they are changing the pricing model I understand)