How to write the JSON needed in new Parabola Bubble export?

Hi Bubblers,

I’ve been playing with using the new Parabola integrations to send some data from Bubble to Parabola, clean it up, and am now trying to export it back to Bubble via the new “Bubble Export” widget in Parabola’s “destinations” section.

Where I’m getting stuck is that Parabola is asking me for the JSON required. I have no idea what to put here. Can anyone help? :smiley:

The data I’m trying to export back into Bubble is just a simple set of text and numeric columns (user names, dates, etc.).

I think I’ve followed other steps okay so far on the Bubble side (setting up the workflow API etc.). Note that I haven’t seen this JSON box in any other videos / posts I’ve looked at on this topic. Did Parabola change something recently? It seems to go against the no code philosophy…

Okay, I am making progress. I found this example in one of Parabola’s recipes:

“Country”: “{}”,
“Currency”: “{}”,
“Name”: “{response.results.Name}”,
“Population”: {api.population},
“Region”: “{api.region}”

When I substitute this template for my own Data Names : {Column Names}, Parabola automatically suggests the names for me once I begin typing the curly braces.

Now the only problem I have is that Parabola is still telling me that what I have written isn’t valid JSON! Even though I have validated it with a JSON Linter, as Parabola suggests…

The " your are using are not the right one. (Compare it with the one I have typed)

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Thanks @Jici

Hmmm… the quote marks looked okay (not fancy) in Parabola. Per your suggestion, I replaced them all anyway just in case, but still it is saying there is an error in the JSON.

Can the API URL cause the problem? I have just pasted the URL from Bubble’s ‘detect data’ button, which ends with … api/1.1/wf/parabola/initialize

Once you have initialize the data, you should emove initialize. But if you cannot initialize, this is because your json is not correct from Parabola. Do you have a log of the output when you try to send data? (not the configuration, but the result of this configuration?).

I am unable to initialize. It does seem like I have a JSON error but I cannot understand what is incorrect.

Here is the message displayed by Parabola when I enter my JSON:error

It’s seem that the {token} may not be recognize correctly.
Try this: replac the token by a fake value and check if your json is correct.

"Country": "Canada",
"Currency": "CAD",
"Name": "Name",
"Population": 8000000,
"Region": "Québec"

With help from the Parabola support guys, I got the solution. It seems my data contained some characters that needed to be cleaned (escaped), which I was able to do by adding an extra step in Parabola.

Once cleaned, I no longer got the JSON error message.


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