Exporting database to Excel

Hi everyone !
I am quite new to bubble.is
Does anybody have an idea of exporting data information to Excel ,
but doing it every of time ?

I want it to duplicate my consumers orders to make invoices in Excel !

You can download as csv which is importable in Excel. You can also use the API Connector and integrate with Google Sheets to download in .xslx format


Thank you very much, but I want it to be done automatically at the same time as my client have done the purchase

Using the API Connector is automatic. Or is there any other detail you can add to help us understand?

Thank you for quik reply!
I will try to realize it and give you some reports , as soon as it will be possible.
(I am new to bubble.is , so it may take some time)

Okay, I suggest you to start doing the lessons in your home page inside the platform, then you will know more about how all of this works.

I can not even figure out how to do it with Blockspring!
I have that issue : Could not find worksheet.
What should I do to fix it?
Or maybe it is some way to help me with API Connector?

Hey, just so I know, have you done the first lessons? Because they cover working with APIs (among other things). Also, have you considered not sending the data to excel/google sheet via blockspring? It may get expensive to scale, just some more suggestions.

Anyway, if you already did the lessons at https://bubble.io/lessons I recommend you to seek more specific answers at this free awesome resource https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTL_mXO3qsgFc_3s2T5wlWg.

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