Exporting large datasets via 1Tcsv plugin(json to csv) server side

While trying to export around 30000 entries from the database using json to csv action, I get an error saying “Workflow error - Plugin action inputs too large, should be less than 6MB.”

Does anybody know of another scalable method to allow users to export data, the action should be scheduled from the front end, processing and sending them the csv can be done server side.

I do not want exports from the editor, as I want users to be able to export the data.

Data sets are also going to grow larger in the future, so I need something scalable.

Here is the action that does the conversion.

The creator of the plugin made a video about this and how to avoid timeouts. Maybe this also fits your needs.


Yeah, this is to avoid timeouts on the front end. Have already implemented this solution. There is another limit on the backend for file size. Once it crosses 6mb (not time related)

Did you manage to solve this @abhjoseph?


@dev86 This is a Bubble limitation. If the JSON is more than 6mb it will error. Make sure to follow the tutorial above around timeout issues to minimize the size of the data being passed to the action but if you are doing that and it’s over 6mb you’ll have to break up the export.

Yep I don’t have a timeout issue, I just have a final file over 6MB issue.