Expression to test each item in a list for a condition

How can I build an expression (e.g. for a WHEN condition) that tests each item in a list?
Let’s use this example:

There’s a list of users and the type “user” has a field “age” (of data type “number”), so each user has an age. I want to test if ALL users in an arbitrary list of users have the field “age” filled with a number that is > 30.

I have tried this with the “:each item” operator but it won’t let me do it, can’t get it to work.

…Help, anyone?

For everyone who would like to know, I just answered my own question.
The mistake I made was thinking that the “:each item” operator will kind of iterate over each item of the list it yields and therefore the user would be able to choose operations after this operator that are operations on single items, not lists. However the “:each item” operator returns a list of items, so in this case the “min” function could be applied to solve my problem.

Maybe this will help someone someday.

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