For Each Loop Condition

I’m trying to figure out how to look up a list and perform a condition for each line item. Currently, I only see an option to perform the condition on the “:first item”, “last item”, “item #”. How do I perform the condition for each line item? Technically, I could manually input “item 1” and “item 2” and “item 3”,… but my list could be as large as 200 lines.


Without really understanding the use case, or what element the condition is being set on and how you want it to respond, it sounds it might be helpful to restructure your database, or at least the different data types’ associations, in such a way that they can be more easily called upon in a single search. At the end of the day, a condition, no matter how much information it is fed, can only give us a simple yes or no in return. It’s very likely that a much simpler query can be made to get you to the same answer. The best way to find it is to think of what else is true when this statement is “yes.” For example, maybe there is something else on the screen responding how you want this element to and you can build a condition based on its response, or connect them with states triggered by “when this happens…”. If the only consistency is in the data itself so far, your first goal should be to relate those data types in as few steps as possible. If the database is organized well, you should be able to query almost anything within only a few steps. Worst case scenario, for performance reasons you might want to “group” these lines external from the condition so that you can simplify the question you’re asking it. Ex: set these conditions on a small group of elements, then make this element’s condition dependent on a combination of those.

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I have the same issue. Modifying a list of things with a the same changes is doable. But here’s an example of a situation.

Say you have an “Event” with a “Capacity”. The Event also has a “Status” like Empty, Not Empty, Full. You have a client who books themselves into several “Events” at once. We can “add” him to each of the events with his booking/confirmation. How do I go back through that list of events and redefine the Status… it could be not Empty or Full… buy I can’t do that as far as I can tell.

Running a workflow on each item in a list would be what would help here.
Or conditionals/calculated fields in the database… ooh.

My solution… may seem a bit of a “hack”. More of a “for all with specific criteria in this list” than a “for each”. But it gets the same results.

In my workflow (and using the example above),

  1. do a “Change to List of Things” for the Event
  2. specify the requirements for a specific “Status”
  3. intersect with the list of booked Events
  4. Set the Field to change
  5. Create “step” in the workflow for each Status