Extended Option Set Comparison

Hello bubblers (and bubble),

I love the option set feature, and rarely build an app without using it in some capacity. However, I’ve just encountered a use case for it that doesn’t seem to be supported currently, but might be able to be with a little modification. The scenario is thus:

I am using an optio sets as an “education level”, which I store as a field on a Thing. I want to perform a search for Things whose education level is AT OR ABOVE a specified level. To my pleasant surprise, I found that the field in question had numerical comparison operators, which made me thing that option sets work as a traditional “enum” would.

To my less pleasant surprise, I discovered that the comparison operator doesn’t seem to follow any obvious pattern. It doesn’t compare display alphabetically, and it doesn’t compare the options in the order they are specified in. This leads me to believe that the comparison is done on some hidden id which is used to identify the option in question.

Of course, this can also be done by adding an “Order” attribute to the option set (which is a number) and doing a comparison on that. However, this means that you have to use advanced filters, which are less efficient than searches as far as I can tell.


Allow users to specify which attribute the option set is compared upon. Or if this is too difficult, AT LEAST make the default sorting the order that the options are listed in the option sets tab.

I should also give credit to @michelduprez , who posted a similar suggestion in the official option set thread about a month ago.


Hi @austin3,

I couldn’t find this on the idea board and just added it.

Please upvote it here if you are interested:

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I wanted to upvote your idea but couldn’t find it. Tried your tip too, but even then no luck.

This would be a very helpful piece (And I think relatively simple to implement too for Bubble if they just allow us to compare on the basis of sort order in which they are shown in option set tab).

This will make many searches much simpler.

Now that ideaboard supports link sharing, can you please share a link to your idea in ideaboard? I tried to search again and couldn’t find it.

Feel free to add it again it might have gotten merged.
I can only find these #1 and #2.

I created one: https://bubble.io/ideaboard?idea=1677046672966x894484590799618000