Options Sets - Can't use for dynamic sorting?

Overall I am loving the new Option Set feature.

However, I haven’t had any luck referencing them as a dynamic sort field on Repeating Groups. Has anyone been able to do this?


i have tried every way i can think of and i still get nothing. Really takes a lot of the appeal out of the options if we can’t sort them. Anyone have a solution?

Can you use the :filter feature? I have Option Sets for numbers and sorted the results in my Repeating Group using :filters.

See my screenshots:

Hi @CoachLani - am I missing something? I feel like this is a solution for filtering and doesn’t actually change the sorting?


Currently sorting via the Option Sets are no supported as a native feature. I believe its been requested, so fingers crossed for the implementation of this. Otherwise it means static reordering in the Data > Options Sets tab.


Cheers @luke2. Are you a Bubble rep? I feel like I should have been aware of this but am not looking in the right places!

No not a Bubble rep I’m afraid. Here is the main thread and something that’s been raised, might be worth contacting Bubble to see if this is on the cards:

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Oh wow, I didn’t even realise this thread was still live… This definitely should have been posted there!

This is correct, as far as I know.

Be aware: there is a bug in the Option Sets tab that keeps you from manually reordering items which occupy certain list positions. I’ve submitted a bug report but I don’t think this has been resolved yet. I’ve only noticed this with very long lists of options (>20 items).

You could add another repeating group:
Screenshot 2020-02-27 at 16.25.31

And then filter that repeating group data:Screenshot 2020-02-27 at 16.24.44

If I’m not mistaken, without sorting we can’t actually use Option sets for multi-language websites. We have to stick to Data types.

I had the same issue. I solved it creating attributes (text) with the translation for eg. Spanish, French, etc. Then i set conditionals ruled by the user language.

By the way any news about this? I really need sorting for sets :pray:

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I stumbled upon a workaround.
When I click multiple times to move an option, it moves after about 5 or so clicks. Then once you get to a certain position in the list, everything works as normal for that option.