Using comparisons with Option Sets


I’m using Option Sets to define the status of a job (“job proposed”, “not yet paid”, “delivered”,…).

Sometimes, I need to test this status and show messages to users accordingly. As Bubble “merge” functionality isn’t that efficient, I’m building something with a new attribute to my Option Sets, that would represent some chronological ranking. I would set a unique ranking number to each option.

Thus, I could use an expression such as “if Job’s Status > 5, then message = …”, that would provide yes from a certain timing in the job’s evolution. That’s great.

Now here’s my question :

Weren’t the Option Sets supposed to deal natively with this ? If so, could someone indicate me how to do ?

“or ranked by numerical similarity to another option”

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Ok so… it seems that I got some strange bug, or maybe I’m doing something wrong, of course.

In fact, using comparisons with Option Set is working perfect, but it’s based upon the ranking you see here :

But this ranking doesn’t reflect the one I need, and that I built here :

I really don’t understand why the first ranking isn’t the same as the second one. And if I observe the first one, I can’t even decode any logic.

So, any help will be greatly appreciated…

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Bubble’support confirmed that sorting the parameter list as mentionned above is not yet possible.

As a workaround, I used custom attribute to rank them and be able to compare something with :

:filtered “status”>Option sets’Ranking

Where ranking is my new custom attribute, whose values are 1, 2, 3…, following the chronological status of the Thing.

Hope Bubble will allow to change that sorting in the future.

Please note that to access the custom attributes in the :filtered parameter, you need to use “Advanced”.