Hosting Data in Canada

Hey y’all, I’m looking for a freelancer that can modify my application to make sure all the data is hosted ONLY IN CANADA. If we can leverage AWS, that would be best. The dedicated plan from Bubble is, unfortunately, way out of our price range so we don’t have an “official” way to do this.

This probably looks like leveraging a SQL database and the Database connector, but I’ve not done this before. I can provide answers to any questions you may have, but the app itself is pretty straightforward.


Hey Andrew, if you’re willing to use firebase/firestore, we can make something happen!


Hi Andrew, if AWS is not a must, you could use XANO as backend. They use Google Cloud as hosting, which includes locations like Montreal.

You can takee a look to their pricing and check if it meets your budget here: XANO pricing

I am currently migrating one of my apps to XANO, and could help you with yours.

I’m experimenting this weekend with migrating my whole solution to Appgyver and Xano. Xano looks great so far. Question for you: how does Xano handle offline access? If a mobile app is using a Xano backend, is there any offline capability?

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Xano looks like it could work really well. I’ve been fiddling with it today. I’m worried about the on page performance inside Bubble. Do you have any thoughts about how the performance compares to the native bubble database?

Hi Andrew, having your data hosted in Bubble servers will perform better than any third party solution for low level transaction/records apps. On top of that, you need to know that Bubble is ‘filtering’ APIs when accessing data from an external DB hosting, making XANO or any other hosting service (AWS included) slower than in could be.

With that said, although I couldn’t find any through comparison, according to what I was told during a recent XANO office hours, for apps moving over 1,000 records, XANO would perform better than Bubble, even with the API filtering.

You need to consider your scalability needs too. This is one of the advantages of external hosting, compared to Bubble plus you can pre-process data in the backend (like images, pre-calculated fields or pre-populated searches), without using backend workflows and the related Bubble capacity.

Hope this helps


Not sure about your question about offline access, you meant something like Amplify in AWS? I am not aware of any equivalent option with XANO, but you should be able to handle this at the front-end: Appgyver offline data

I am curious, are you building your Appgyver version from scratch or using any type of migration tool and JSON exporting of your Bubble app?

Thanks for the reply. The performance is gonna be what it is, since I legally can’t sell the software if the data isn’t hosted in Canada, I don’t have much of a choice. I do appreciate your insight!

I’m going to end up rebuilding from scratch, I believe. I needed a native app with offline access in the second half of the school year anyway, so we might just end up delaying the entire launch until January and hope that’s enough time for me to do a rebuild for all the platforms.

I’m using Xano and indeed it is faster :slight_smile: . To give you an idea, fetching 3000 rows using add-ons and joins takes only a few seconds, meanwhile in bubble that would take for ever (at least in the lower-medium tiers).

Preprocessing the data allows you to:

  1. Return only the content you need (you download less data as you can remove columns)
  2. Adapt the response to your needs, for instance, transform separated lat and long fields in one row to display it on a map

I have used a lot of tools, and from my point of view Xano is a, if not the most, powerful Backend solution. I encourage you to give it a try!

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Hi Andrew,

I might have an idea for you. Why don’t you host your data inside bubble, and make the data as such that it’s not recognizable for which customer the data belongs to?

Kind of making the data HIPAA compliant. For example, the records related to health would be connected would have no User attached, but only a unique record, then use Xano to store the personal details.

Xano doesn’t have Canada listed on their plan page.

I am afraid NV is right, I assumed their hosting offering matched Google Cloud’s as they use their infrastructure, but as NV pointed out, when selecting the region-specific plan, they limit available regions to the ones shown in the snapshot.

You could contact their support team to confirm if they can offer hosting in Canada.

I am sorry for the misleading.

I had tried that, but the Ministry concluded that we would not pass their privacy impact assessment unless all the app data was stored on Canadian soil.

Additionally, I just assumed that Xano would deploy their containers on any of the zones that Google supported. I reached out to support, we’ll see what they say. I may have to suck it up and go learn Firebase or try to outsource the whole thing and start over from scratch. It’s been a big weekend bummer for us, shame on me for poor planning.


Firebase (hosted in Canada) and a custom built plugin (by myself or someone else, maybe even yourself) may be a nice solution for you.

It’s also cheap and almost always available. They have a 99.95% guaranteed uptime and only when completing actions that require server side actions is it slow. Usually you only need that for authentication. Then everything else is lightning fast.

Pretty sure mongoDB and AWS both have Canadian data centers.

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Would you be open to a call to talk specifics?

Yes. Today I’m in a car driving home for the next 6 hours. Perhaps sometime this week?

It’s definitely not your only option and by tying in a service like (or similar) you could set this up yourself and not need to hire anyone.

I’d think backendless might even have a Canadian data center and they make Api creation and data storage wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy easy. It’s really dope.

Update for those following along: The team at Xano said they can make the Canadian region available, likely by the middle of September.


That’s great news Andrew, thank you for the update.


Thanks all for sharing on Xano. I gave it test run a while back and I really like it.

A question on Bubble API calls related to this. If one is to run the exact same API call (same params) Bubble will not execute it. One need to change something for the call to be “new”. How do you overcome that in relation to Xano when making for example searches?

Best, Peter

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Hi Peter,

Have you tried using inputs?


No, haven’t got that deep into Xano yet. Thank, will try!