HTML and Java help

Hi. I am not new to Bubble, but I am no expert. I have built numerous applications in use by clients. I am building a new document management app for a client. They want to display emails received from their clients within that clients section on the app. The outlook plugin seems outdated and does not work, and they are using outlook so I don’t think the Gmail API will work (I might be very wrong). The alternative is that they drag and drop an email to that clients section and display the email as text. I know this is done with some JavaScript and HTML, but this is where my knowledge falls a bit short. Any help or suggestions on how this can be done will be greatly appreciated.

Several other ways to bring email details in the app. One is to redirect emails to zapier or pipedream like middleware then push the email details to bubble backend.

Thank you for the response. I did set up a zapier ZAP that sends the emails through to Bubble. Worked well for me, but I then have to set up that Zap on every user’s PC. I would like any of their employees in all their branches across the country to jump on and be able to use the application without my intervention. I also have to link specific client emails to their own sections. With Zapier it will just send all the emails to bubble with no sorting into client mails as they might use different email addresses or subject lines. Hope what I am saying makes sense.

Your use case make sense. You do not need to set a zap on each users PC. You can configure mail forwarding rules on the mail server. I will simply forward all to single zap email endpoint. Use zap to extract email body, email From , email subject and attachments etc. Zap is good at extracting information based on patterns too. For email its very easy in Zap to extract sender, subject and body text. I use Zap to extract Subject and body text further for account numbers, primary index etc. Then you have two options one is to continue adding rules/workflow in zap based on what you have extracted from the email. Send it to your app by calling bubble backend api. Second option is to leverage workflow and add rules / workflows in bubble. Send the extracted data to bubble api and then store information in Datbase. Schedule workflows to further index the information based on Subject, email from, attachments etc. Some use cases there is no user or employee. Emails are simply sent to a one email. Emails are then indexed and information is routed to appropriate group of employees for further processing via same or integrated apps. If there is no pattern used in subject lines or address then simply consume the data in bubble database and then implement manual indexing process. In the process present the extracted data along with attachment where use can further index each document based on what type data your business needs.