Extract to Individual Things

Ok help me out here because I don’t seem to know even how to search for a solution. When saving a new thing from a multiline input I have it set to extract and save any hashtagged text. What I need is for each individual hashtag to save as their own thing instead of comma separated within the same cell on the database. I also need it so that it doesn’t save duplicates. Any help would be super… helpful.

hashtag link like instagram
when you create a new text from your multiline input you dont need to do anything
when you want to display the hashtag use html element with dynamic text inside it.
Then use find and replace regex


Thanks this may actually be helpful for a few other things I want to work on but this looks more like it has to do with displaying hashtags. What I really want to do is separate multiple hashtags within the same input into their own things in the table on the database and not allow them to duplicate. Whether or not it’s a hashtag is actually irrelevant for this purpose.

i think you will still need to use regex, im not very experienced with regex but i believe bubble has issue with regex capturing groups.

Is the problem extracting the hashtag texts or looping through the source text to find any ‘n’ number of hashtag texts?

If it’s extracting, regent dhould work.

If it’s a matter of looping through, you could recursively schedule an API task to extract and save, but you would need to know how many times the task would need to call itself. That’s always the tricky part, IMHO.

But it might be done by comparing the count of hashtag texts that you’ve already saved for any given source text to the total count of hashtag texts that are present, and calling the task again if the first number is less than the second number.

Then regard would need to find the “Nth” instance that matched the pattern, where N is the number in the count of the loop.