Extract Town from geographic address

I am trying to populate a list with suppliers that shows their town or city. It works very well with providers that operate in cities but cannot find the way to show towns. For example London (or Manchester will show up when extracted but not smaller towns.
So, is there any way to add town to this list:

Hope it makes sense and someone can help.

Those options are all that’s available with Bubble’s pre-set geographic address configuration. Have you tried seeing what Neighborhood returns?

I can see that the Geocoding API provides many more options like “Locality” which may be what you’re looking for https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/geocoding/intro#Types. You could try a custom API integration with the API Connector to get these additional values.

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Thank you Gaby,
I tried them all. None work. I think what I’m after is called postal town. I found a similar topic on the forum and someone had the same problem.
A custom API integration is beyond my understanding at the moment but will definitely try it once I learn more about bubble.
I may need your help once my app goes live. I would need an integration with the discourse platform and some performance/workflows tweaks and adjustments.
Thanks again,

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