Extracting a suburb from a geographic address

Hi Bubblers,

I’m trying to extract a suburb using Bubble’s Geographic Address:extract command.

I’ve got an Input, set to Geographic address and a simple textbox that shows the results of the Geographic Search.

I can extract the country, city and street address perfectly, but when it comes to the suburb, the closest I can see is ‘Neighborhood’ and I don’t think South Africa is organised that way, so the ‘extract: Neighborhood’ doesn’t yield any results.

But when I put in an incomplete address, where suburb has been intentionally left out, the resulting search actually shows the suburb there! So I’m basically looking for a way to extract ‘Bryanston’ below - what option do I need to use for this?

Thanks Bubblers!


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See this page on Google for how an address is broken down. Specifically, the second “Address Types and Address Component Types”

Try using the premise or subpremise fields to see if that yields what you’re looking for.


Hey Mccjon

Did you ever manage to extract the suburb from a South African address? Having the same issue at the moment and found your post when I was searching the forum. I’ve tried all the extractable options available but nothing seems to return the suburb even though it is displayed on the search result.

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Hey Woz,

No, I didn’t manage to do that in the end; it’s like SA addresses weren’t formatted correctly to extract eg ‘Bryanston’.

In the end, I just went with :city or x km around a point.

Thanks for the reply. Yeah I think we are going to give it a skip as well. If we find any solution I will let you know :slight_smile:

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When you want to select a specific part as an address:
1st - “the thing” / field that holds the information must be listed as an address and not text (green underline);
2nd - you use the function: extract (red underline) and select which field you want to be shown (yellow underline);

Still an issue today. I decided to extract the county (Municipality) which I guess is the closest.

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