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Extract with REGEX


I got a bug with this regex expression : (\b[^,]+\b)

There are few days this expression gives me this result .

Screen sans bug

I duplicated my page and I saw my application version was at 9.
So I decided to upgrade it. When I came back to my duplicated page and I tried to load my data like usually at this moment I got this result.
Screen avec bug
After some research I’ve found Bubble is using RegExp Object from Javascript and use the flag 'g'.

So my questions are :

  • Why this expression worked ? (It’s supposed to work only if regex is treated in PHP and with flags 'g' and 'u')
  • Bubble still using RegExp Object ? If Yes, it is possible to use the 'u' flag in bubble ?

If the 'u' flag is useable this expression : (\p{L}[^,]+\b) should work.

Thanks to you for reading this post :slight_smile:

My guess is the UTF8 e dans l’o character is now considered a word boundary in whatever regex engine the upgrade is using, because it does not fall within the strict ASCII word \w characters.

Thanks for your reply and the links that will help to understand more what’s encoding etc. :slight_smile:

I solved my problem with the solution just below

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Edit :

I solved my problem with 2 methods

First step, I did “find and replace” to get my pattern (green) and replace it by a character (orange)

first step

Then on my updated data i did “Extract with Regex” to get each data into a repeating group
second stezp

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