Extracting data from Map address

Hello All,
i’m trying to extract a string from an address. The address is the center address of a map element.
I’ve lot of options where i can extract from, but i don’t have the “provincia”.
The address is an italian one, we have usually a categorized address like:
“via Roma 46, 10100, Moncalieri, TO (Torino), Italy”
where the address is built by:
via : same as road, street,
Roma: the name of the road,
46: the building number,
10100: zip code,
Moncalieri: the city ,
Torino (TO) is the parameter i’m trying to extract, the province, main area.
Italy is the state obviously.

i’ve tryed all the options but no one can return me this value:

the address cames directly by user input e google geocoding api and in the full text the world “TO” is shown.
I need to extract this value from the address the user types in.
Any ideas?

Thanks :slight_smile:

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