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Add Plugin Popup Loading time

Is it just me – or is the add plugin popup ridiculously slow? Not lately… just in general. Why does it have to load the entire list of plugins immediately when opening? I love plugins, but I hate clicking add plugin when I have to wait 10-15 seconds for it to load. Could we have it to an ext. repeating group idea?

And along that thought, can we favourite plugins so we can find them easily, or mark ones that we want to test later?


Bubble should use Bubble’s forum to get help with this


I’ve seen it load faster in tutorials so I always thought that maybe it might be device specific. I used to use a $250 laptop, and it would sometimes crash the page.

Since upgrading to a high-end laptop, (Lenovo C940) it’s loading faster, at about 15-20 seconds.

Maybe it would be instantaneous if I had a desktop workstation with 32GBs of memory? idk.

Oh and while we’re on the subject, am I the only one who’s noticed that there’s a typo in the boosting message? “We boosting your app” doesn’t exactly make me feel confident in the ability to boost lol

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Yeah… I also felt no difference when I clicked to boost my app… :man_shrugging:

Hey :wave: @justin.hume

Yeah, it takes a long time to load. It keeps getting worse as the plugin list grows. Even on my powerhouse MacBook Pro 32 GB RAM still takes about 5 seconds. I can’t imagine how long it must take now for a slower computer. @eve - isn’t it about time to make these improvements? I see my clients struggle with this all the time. Some don’t even want to add plugins because of it. :cry:

For a workaround, I search for plugins on Plugins | Bubble because of the better search functionality.

When I was on my old MacBook Air 4 GB RAM it was so slow that I had to put some of my projects on hold because I couldn’t even use the editor anymore.

I just added it to the idea board under ‘Improve the Plugin Popup Speed :turtle:’ maybe if we all upvote it, it might get some attention.

Hope that helps! :blush:


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Upvote this. Thank you in advance @emmanuel :slight_smile: