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Facebook/Instagram Load profile picture and shows to users


I’m building an app that requires:

1.- Users login with Facebook/Instagram and select a Category, lets say A-Z.

2.- Lets say the user selected Category K. When you press the button Play, you go to a new page where the profile picture of Facebook/Instagram of 2 random users that selected the same category, in this case Category K, are loaded.

3.- You have some icons between the pictures representing characteristics, in which you will drag to either user.

4.- You have a “Next” button which resets the draggable icons and loads another 2 images of new random users from the same category.

5.- We also have highscores determining who has won the most draggable icons.

Anyone can guide me with this?

Not sure what you’re asking for…
Are you asking for someone to do it for you?

Hello John!

Thanks for your reply.

I’m planning on building it myself.

I need to know if what I want is possible with Bubble and how can I start with that idea. And which plugins will I need.

I’d suggest experimenting is the best way. When you hit something you can’t figure out you can post it back here :wink:

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