Facebook Authentication error that I can't reproduce

A user tried to sign up to Minnnis today and reported a problem using Facebook to sign-up, via Chrome on a PC.

They get redirected to a blank page that just says:

{“statusCode”:400,“body”:{“status”:“ERROR”,“message”:“Redirect URL invalid”}}

When I try, I cannot recreate the problem. Another friend has managed, however.
When the same user tried to sign-up again via Facebook on their mobile phone, it worked first time.

Have tried switching on and off Adblock software, restarting browser (the user was very helpful trying to get it to work!).

So far my own Facebook friends have managed to reproduce this problem. Everyone except me can reproduce it!

Anyone got any ideas what I should be looking at?

My original bug reported managed to signup fine from their mobile phone.

Hey @major_groove from an initial diagnosis of the process, it seems like there is a problem with the redirect URL

We tried to access the value in the redirect URL and it says ‘page not found’

Possible a problem between debug mode and release API endpoint

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I think I worked out what it was…

or maybe not. problem apparently persists. There is the possibility to relax the redirect rules, but it seems I can’t change it in FB.

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Ah, I see what the issue might be @major_groove. You need to enter the Redirect URI under the Valid OAuth Redirect URI’s section (not the Redirect URI Validator). Like so:

note: since you are not using the Pathfix powered Facebook login, you can ignore the URI thats actually being used in the screenshot and replace with your own

oh i know - I do have it there. I was just trying to show that I only had one of the possible URLs entered.

I since added the second URL but still have the problem.

Just had a quick look and it seems to be working at my end. Did you manage to get a screenshot of the error page your user sees?

@major_groove I think the problem is coming from your valid oauth redirect url. If your “signup with facebook” button is on the signup page, then your valid oauth redirect url should be referencing the sign up page. I wrote an article about this:

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Here is a video https://youtu.be/jDN84il7wOM

This was helpful :slight_smile:

It appears the error is coming from Bubble because from the URL you can tell that FB has authenticated and sent the code to the redirect URL

So good news is - you have no more FB config issues

It appears to be something to do with the endpoint of your Bubble setup

ah then I guess I should ask Bubble support for help?

Wait, try this two steps. 1. Use facebook plugin made by bubble, if that is not what youre using.
Then after doing that, if it doesnt do what you want go to step 2.
2. Change all your url both on the settings section(the one immediately after the dashboard) and the settings section under facebook login to https://minnnis.com only, dont add any prefix to it. If you try those two and it still doesnt work, let me know

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If you are open to trying out a plugin, we do have an SSO plugin that includes Facebook as a provider. It’s pretty straightforward to get going. Here is a link incase you want to check it out?

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Hi @Pathfix - I would give your plugin a try, but can I just query this sentence:

Note: You will need to be on a Pathfix Subscription plan to enable whitelabel capabilities with higher limits and unlimited providers.

What about if I want Whitelabel, without a higher limit? I will certainly not have more than 500 people a month signing up to my app. As it’s a hobby app, I’m not keen to have higher recurring costs.

Problem I have is that the error is intermittent. I can’t recreate it on my computer which makes it very difficult to test!

The “official” instructions are quite clear that the Redirect URl should be /api/1.1/oauth_redirect

but you are suggesting to just remove everything?

What you say about the URL where the Login occurs could be an issue - I gave up on the Twitter OAuth as I read in the Forum that it will not work at all if you don’t use a specific page for the login. In my app, it is a Pop-Up where the Log-in is triggered so I can’t give a specific page.

That said, this is not the error message I get:

‘URL Blocked: This redirect failed because the redirect URI is not whitelisted in the app’s Client OAuth Settings. Make sure Client and Web OAuth Login are on and add all your app domains as Valid OAuth Redirect URIs.’

what is this all about?

@major_groove yeah, I understand your point. I was just feeling that could help.

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oh you do help for sure! I just am not sure I have the same error as you had. :slight_smile:

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well, bug report submitted to Bubble. Let’s see!

Hey @major_groove whitelabel would require a Pathfix Subscription. However, we do have a lower limit plan designed specifically for Identity at $14 (visible once you login) :slight_smile: