How to redirect my users to another page after login via fb

So I have implemented a login via facebook auth and have a dedicated signup page for it. I want to users to be redirected to an another page after logging in but right now, it just opens the same page for me. How do I fix this?

You need to add a navigate to page to your workflow when users are logged in.

I figured that but I have to redirect them based on context.

Meaning Index page > signup (on nav menu) > redirect to signup / login page > redirect to index again.

Or Product page add to cart > signup (on nav menu) > redirect to signup/login page > redirect to product page.

You understand what I mean? I want it to redirect to the specific page from where the signup login was triggered. or say previous page. I couldnt even find any option to make it redirect to previous page.

OK, you need to store the previous page somewhere during the navigation workflow from the origin page. Best way to do this is with a ‘previous page’ custom state on the page you are navigating to, and add set state to this URL. This can then be use by the workflow when you navigate away from that page.

I couldnt find the previous page option anywhere on workflow, would be a great help if you could post a few screenshots. Thanks a ton for your time responding, appreciate a lot.

There is no previous page function, that’s why I am saying you need to pass the previous page URL over to the signup page via a custom state for use once the sure has been signed up. A Custom state called ‘previous page URL’ needs to be setup on the signup page first, then you need to put a ‘set signup page custom state to this URL’ function in your load login page workflow.

Ok I solved it, understood what you meant. It works bro, Thanks a bunch.

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