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Facebook Login - What user profile data is returned?

I’m using the Facebook login successfully in my app. I’ve got an email field (obviously) and a name field in my user db. Once a user signs up with FB, the email field is populated with their FB email and the name field is populated with:

“firstname lastname FB”

I’d like to know the schema for any other data that is returned during the FB login so I can create the right fields in my user DB and populate them accordingly.

Additionally, there is another post about linking an existing bubble user (i.e. one who already signed up using email) to their social profile. It doesn’t seem to have generated any answers. I expect I am going to encounter the same problem going forward. (How to link a bubble user already crated with Facebook)

Any input would be much appreciated.

Have you tried? That will show you what is returned… Name, first name, picture.

Regarding linking to an existing user, if a user is logged in by email (or another social network) and logs in with facebook, this will be merged with the existing user. If he’s not and the email is already used, the login with fail (it’s a standard way to do so).

Hey Emmanuel,

Thanks for the response. Not sure what you mean though? Tried what?

Also, thanks for clarifying the login behaviour. I get that it will merge logins that have the same email address. How would you suggest handling the situation where a user has already signed in via email or a social network but I then want to give them the opportunity to link another social network to that account in Bubble?


I think @emmanuel is referring to have you tried the FB login to see what information you get. Duplicate the lesson in a demo / test app. That’s what I did with all the lessons.

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