[Solved] Retrieve data from Facebook for an already existing user


I read this but the “merge” function i think is not working as expected (Why is it not possible to "Create a User if Doesn't Exist"?)

My workflow is:

  1. Signup by email
  2. Logout
  3. Try to Login with Facebook
  4. Get the error “This email is already in use”

A. Is there any way, if this email is already in use, to automatically login and associate that Facebook to that account?
B. Can I add a button in the page “edit profile” where the user by clicking on it can associate a Facebook account?
C. Can I do the reverse action if somebody what to remove the association?


If you believe this to be a bug, remember to file the bug report at www.bubble.is/bug_report

That’ll make sure the team at Bubble sees your issue!

Thanks for the tip, I’ll do it straight away.


As explained in this link (https://manual.bubble.is/working-with-data/the-user-type.html#using-external-services-to-authenticate) to merge a Facebook login to an existing user, the user MUST be logged in.

“If the user is currently logged in with email and password, you can prompt them to link their account with an Oauth provider (such as Facebook, Google…). If a user goes through such a flow, a new user will not be created, but, instead, the Oauth credentials will be added to the current, logged-in user.”

Today, there is no way to merge the Facebook data to an unlogged user.

Thanks to the support of Bubble for the explication.

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