Facebook OAuth - User Profile endpoint

Has anyone got the User Profile endpoint URL? I looked at the Facebook Docs and cannot find it.

When testing the call - OAuth works on the Facebook and Redirect, but I get the following error in Bubble:

I am pretty sure its because my User Profile endpoint is wrong. Basically after not finding it, I just pasted facebook.com :slight_smile:

I changed to https://graph.facebook.com/v.2.8/me

But still having same issue - did anyone manage to connect Facebook OAuth?

You need the access token that is returned as part of the redirect URL.

Which will be access_token

Then that needs to be passed to the graph endpoint.

Nigel - I appreciate your help and know your busy guy.

Could you please if your able to, look at the settings in this dummy app?

If solved I will post the corrected settings, and hopefully it will help more than just me.

Will do. So, I know how it is supposed to work (and I have got it working manually) but not quite got Bubble to do it automatically yet. But maybe time for another go. There is an app idea I have that is waiting for Facebook Graph API.

Will do it in one of my Apps, as your Facebook App is in test mode, so it won’t log me in.

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I tried using your endpoints a few ways, but can’t get it to work. Looks like Bubble won’t pull out the auth_token.

My assumption (maybe incorrect) is that Bubble will hang onto the Auth Token in other related API calls with that API group, so you can subsequently use it in other calls.

I know I had lengthy discussions about the token with Emmanuel when I was trying to do this myself (by extracting the token from the URL). Storing it was always going to be the issue.

Hello NigelG,

Thank you for looking into this, its not an urgent feature, just thought I was doing something wrong here.

@emmanuel maybe this is something I can co-sponsor.

I even had @romanmg look into this for me.

I will have another go, and see if it is possible another way. I am fairly sure it is do-able. Just how !

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Like your determination - this type of thinking, is what makes breakthroughs.

Ah, spelling error.

This works.

Although I got some error from Facebook about Scopes, you will need to look into that !


No worries - thank you for looking - @romanmg managed to find out the issue, seems the Facebook console needs the correct settings

Great, be good to share that.

This is the API connector isn’t it?
Has the Facebook graph plug in superseded that?

error 190
i am getting this error.what could be wrong please?