LinkedIn OAuth Issues

Hi Guys,

I’m an avid bubble user and usually find a way to resolve issues by reading forum posts. This one I can’t seem to fix.

I successfully setup the LinkedIn OAuth 2.0 but I’m unable to call the User Profile endpoint to get user information.

Here’s the error I receive when I try to make a call to the profile endpoint:

Has anyone else had this issue?

I did this because the LinkedIn plugin by Bubble doesn’t return some information that I need.

Thanks in advance.

@Yinka - Did you get the call working OK in Postman before you tried in Bubble?

Hi @andrew1, I just did and it worked flawlessly. No idea why it’s not working on Bubble.


So I just got it working. Apparently my replicating of the API keys in the Dev. ID input caused the problem.

Works fine now.

Thanks @andrew1

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