Facebook open graph

I am unable to set up facebook graph v2.11

. What should go into the access token endpoint !

Lost on this one too…

and we not getting help from the guys that can?:worried:

Will have a look for you as soon as a I can.

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thank you @NigelG :grinning:

Seems even when we use the same parameters we get different results.

So will set up a new FB App and Bubble page to see what happens. Bear with.

Alright sir:grinning:

At the risk of being unhelpful (because I’m not going to be able to offer much additional help beyond this post), I was able to connect to Facebook Graph API with the following relatively simple settings on the Bubble side:

… using only an APP ACCESS TOKEN from Facebook. See more here: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/facebook-login/access-tokens/#apptokens

In my case, I didn’t need user authentication because I’m just fetching public page posts. The point is … I just put None or self-handled into the Authentication dropdown in Bubble, and then just put the bearer token from Facebook into the Headers section of the specific call to Facebook.

Hope that helps. Sorry if it doesn’t; again, not sure I can be any more helpful than that.


I got this to work last night with the access token and all, just started over again with a new app. I’m spending some time today to identify exactly why it works now, and what I was doing wrong before. Will report back when I have something conclusive, likely by end of day.

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The app access token comes after the bearer? The part you marked red?

OK then. Waiting for it. Mine isn’t still working though

The thing you’re putting in that box is the bearer token, which you get by first sending:

GET /oauth/access_token

… as described in the Facebook link I suggested above.

Once you get your access token and put it into Bubble as shown, I would think it would work.

And you can send that initial GET request via Postman to get the token.

Have just set up a new App and Bubble page.

Firstly, Bubble seems to now be doing something odd with the index page, like a redirect to the domain. I don’t think FB likes that.

So make sure your buttons are not on index.

In your FB App also go to Facebook Login under Products, and set up the redirect URIs …

found it