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Facebook Sharing (and other Social Media) to Popup or Not?

Hello! As the image below shows, I have a Popup that displays an image, a title and a description. I’ve added the social share plugin, but my challenge, and, yes, I’ve seen other threads about this, is how do we share the specific image shown here?

  1. Am I making a mistake by having it share from a PopUp?
  2. Would it be better/easier for my MVP to share from its own page?
  3. It is possible at all to share the image to Facebook/Twitter/WhatsApp, etc? Or am I better off just letting them download the file and share themselves?

All suggestions and help are appreciated.

Thank you,

Matsonian the Noob

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looking for the same answer, everywhere we see instructions on sharing URL,
I want users to share images+text to social media.

Looking forward to some help.

Did you find solution for this? I am stuck with a similar problem.