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Share on Facebook uses Bubble Branding and Text

Hello @J805 , hello @gaurav , hello all :slight_smile: :smiley:

I have a problem with the share options, both with the Bubble Add-to-Any Share Button plugin as well as the Zeroqode one for example.

The problem is that when I share on Facebook for example (a key share option I think you would agree) it shows Bubble’s icon and meta data rather than anything related to my app (see image).

This is true even after I moved the Bubble site to my own custom URL, and even after being deployed via BDK Native.

Any thoughts or suggestions as to how this can be overcome?

Thanks as always,

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Hey @2020travelapp :wave:

Yes, that is fixed by adding your information in here:

That way they will see your information instead of Bubble.

Hope that helps! :blush:


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Why don’t you use Option sets to load the SEO?

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Hi David

I opted to use my own links when the plugins didn’t provide for dynamic images. I don’t know if either do at the moment, but back when I tried to implement them, they didn’t and I was told it wasn’t possible.

Needless to say I couldn’t share on social media with the same static image. Using the link method allowed my dynamic images to be shared.

When I share on LinkedIn, it works with the image dynamically, I am not sure about Facebook yet.


Which plugin are you using? I will have to try it out again.

I’m not using a plugin.

I am just loading the data in the URL and then pulling it out using dynamic data on the page. I haven’t tested it with Facebook yet though. So maybe it doesn’t work that way. :man_shrugging:

Great Idea! :bulb:

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Are you then just pasting the URL into the social media or are you allowing a user to share directly from the app somehow?

At the moment I was just creating a link for them to copy. I just added the Share with social media icons and will be doing testing to make sure that works too. I might just leave the link button, and remove the share plugin, if it doesn’t work the same way. I will keep you posted.

Thank you all, definitely some options to try in there. I am already closer to what I want. Also I can confirm I was able to customise the image on FB dynamically, by using the image of the data type from the page - and its details as SEO tags.

I am curious about the suggestion to use the Option Set, I have only used Option sets in a very limited way so not sure how this might work but I am going to have a read up and a play around. Thank you all for your thoughts and ideas.


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Option sets are very powerful and super helpful to use in certain situations. Definitely worth taking a look at. I will try to make a video about options sets this week and post it on the eLearning Hub for you. There are some really good applications for it. :blush:

Fantastic, that would be really helpful, thanks @J805

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Hey @2020travelapp :wave:

Finally got around to creating an Option Sets video. Check it out: eLearning Hub - Option Sets

This helps you create a Menu with SubMenus when creating a one page app using Option Sets. Just one use case for it. So many other ways to use it. They are super helpful. Enjoy! :blush:

This article looks interesting, do you have a link?

Hey @johnny :wave:

It’s on my members only eLearning Hub, so it’s not free. Here it is though: :microbe: COVID Spreads Around the World, a New Chapter of Your Life Begins

My goal is to create a bunch of content that will be super helpful to the community. Not just building in Bubble, but also how to make money with Bubble and other tips. I want others to be successful with no-code too. :blush:

Thanks for asking @Johnny!

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Thanks Jason!!

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tried this however it was still showing bubble information, what could be the reason

Hey @technoswift :wave:

Can you share some screenshots of what you have and also a link example too? That might help us debug for you. :blush:

Hi @J805
going on a paid plan and changing the values in settings made it right.
However How can we use Dynamic fields instead of Page title, I can get the description right,