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Faceted Navigation

Has anyone built faceted navigation with Bubble? How did you set the repeating group’s data souce so that it could be filtered by several different categories at once?


For those interested, here’s an example of faceted navigation from Kayak:

Have you tried custom states? That’s my best guess :confused:

I haven’t dug into it yet. Custom States seem like they’d be part of a good solution though. Trying to make a quick assessment of the level of effort required before I decide whether to go this route. Furthermore, it’d be helpful to have a plan of attack before I jump into the “code.”

I figured if someone else had utilized this, they may have some lessons learned, etc.

For sure.

You’ve got me curious now as well, I’ve been doing a little digging and I ended up with this article.

I’m thinking regarding myself about building up a small faceted search template for e-commerce could be a manageable project with monetization opportunity.

Anyway keep us posted I’m definitely curious

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