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Multiple filters for repeating group

Hi there

I am new to Bubble and programming and loving to have a chance.
I’m caught up in a page trying to filter things to be displayed in a repeating group based on multiple inputs.
It´s a type product with fields “gender” “brands” “price” which I want the user to be able to use to browse through and narrow the products displayed.
I have set up a slider to filter the price, a multiple input to select brands, and radio icon for gender selection.
I am trying to set custom states so that when any of these fields are changed, the products displayed in the repeating group is the result of the combination of the of all three of them.

It´s breaking my mind!!! If anyone can help, please!!!

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Just uploaded to the forum’s app

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I’d love to see what people put together too. Am running into the same challenge with my site.

The page you linked to isn’t mapped to any data, and has errors in the definitions, it’s hard to see what is intended.

A possible approach is to get a simple search constraint working, then see if you can further constrain it with the custom states. Here is a simple one:

Hi mishav. Thanks for your help.
I actually had too many attempts trying to put it to work and it got confusing.
Cleared everything and started again, step by step.
I came to a conditional formatting that solved my sittuation, dealing with 3 variables in the search.
I have tested it many times and it seems to be working fine.
The main situation was my dropdown with multiple selection of brands.
When it was empty and the user was searching by price for example, the search wouldn’t return any result.
I solved it setting the conditions for the search when that field was empty, basicaly. A few other conditionals (seen bellow) have made it work so that the usercan switch between all the searh criteria and have results updated immediately.

Not sure if it is the best solution, but worked for me!


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I had a go at this with my Gift Card site, although I’ve got a solution I had to use a bit of a hack to get it working, I’d be interested if anyone has a better idea.

The problem with using all those conditions is it gets really messy as you increase the amount of filters. What I’ve done created an invisible repeating group for each of the filter categories you see on the left. I do a separate search for each of those and put the result in an invisible group (I’ve got 2 invisible groups in my example). Then I’m able to combine the results from each invisible group in the main repeating group you see on the page.

Finally this is sorted using the drop down option in the top right.

It’s a bit convoluted but it’s the only way I could get the result I’m after.