Facing lots of problems about responsiveness

Hi all,

I am really facing lots of problems when I try to adjust my repeating group responsiveness. I mean, when I am editing it shows like below, but when I go to the real page most of the words are messed up (width).

How could I solve this? This app must have a good responsiveness from cellphone device to a desktop one. Is that any problem with the screen resolution of the app? I’m really in trouble with this…

I really appreciate your help!!

Have you been through the lessons and tutorials on responsive design in Bubble? Seen this video?

Thanks buddy! I will try this! I’ll let you know it thir solve my problem =D


Quick tip for you, if you want that blue label bar to be as responsive as possible:

  1. Make sure that the blue label bar is encapsulated inside of a single group (ex. “Group Labels”, etc.)
  2. Expand the height of your cells in the repeating group and move that Group Labels group into the first cell (place it at the very top of the cell)
  3. Add two conditional statements onto the Group Labels group
    …hide the group when cell index is not 1
    …make element visible when cell index = 1.
  4. Make sure that Group Labels has the checkbox “collapse this element’s height when hidden” is checked.

Your labels should now respond much better as the page shrinks and expands.

Good tip!! Thanks for that!

The only problem is the space between the lines, is there any way to reduce like it was before?

Thank you in advance!

Make sure these steps are done. It looks like you don’t have your group set to collapse. If you do, the group will collapse and there shouldn’t be any extra space. Or, if you share a link to your editor - I can take a quick look.

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