Plz help with lil responsiveness issue

Hi, I’m having trouble with this repeating group looking correct on mobile view.
Here is how it should/does look on web version:

Now here is where it falls short: on mobile size, the reapting group (or perhaps the circles within the cells) seems to be off to one side and i’m not sure how to bring it back leftward

When i turn my phone sideway the five buttons work great (all click normally) but still the RG is leaning to the right for some reason:

Any ideas and help is much appreciated.

Make a save point before messing with responsiveness :grinning:

I’d go into the responsive view, and make it mobile size so you can see what’s happening in detail.

My first thought is to make the sides of the big group stretch all the way to the right and left, then when page size is less than XX pixels you can change some things to make it fit.

Hope that helps!

(All this assumes you’re on the old responsive editor)

That’s what i have been doing (see my second last photo)

Yes i have tried to drag the edges out but it does not help.

I set a ‘collapse margin’ condition on everything and nothing works to solve this problem:

:man_shrugging: I’m happy to take a look if you want to share your editor. (Maybe copy/paste that part in a new public app so you can allow me to edit it)

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