Help me to responsive repeating group with titles

hello angels
how to make a repeating group responsive wright if we muse have a title , I linked some photos from my app to clear the question
This how it looks with wide screen

and this how it bad looks with small screen
and this caputre from the design window

please help me

Bubble isn’t easy. But it’s no-code. You have to do the dirty work of setting your responsive settings in the Responsive tab, Bubble doesn’t automatically do it for you.

Hey @imada484!

Definitely review the video in the responsive settings as that will give you the basics. For a header row of labels, you basically want to replicate the structure of the repeating group so they behave the same way. Start by putting all those labels into a group, and set the properties of that group to match the repeating group. Then you can similarly match the settings of the individual labels, to match their corresponding element within the repeating group.

Lots of trial and error here – jump in and learn all the settings.