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Fail to redirect to another page with backend workflow

I have a page which hosts an IFRAME that makes a POST to payment processing service. The service returns a reply by calling an backend API I have exposed. Actually 3 of them. One for success , one for failed transaction and third for logging back the actual transaction as processed with the service.
Now the backend workflow do process the calls properly and store the JSON into Bubble datatypes I have created.

Problem is with the redirection part of the backend workflow.

If I issue the request from a native HTML with POST action, the backend workflow store data properly and do the redirection ok.

Problem is when running a Bubble page containing the IFRAME from which a request to the service is made, the backend workflow work properly regarding receiving and storing date but the redirection fails.

I am getting β€œCan not to connect to” error message which is displayed inside what was the latter IFRAME area before the call.

Any ideas what am I missing?
Regards, Alon

Just found the option to allow Bubble render inside an IFRAME.
So I just display a small Thank you note while further navigation is by means of the header menu.

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