PostMessage Help Needed for Iframe

I am running a backend workflow after sending an API call to my bubble app through an iframe and when I send the postmessage nothing comes through.

console.log(“71 Lines Bubble app: ‘Book a call’ button clicked”);var msg = JSON.stringify( {“endpoint”:“71LinesBookCall”,
“token”:“Bearer [Hidden]”, “body”: {“email”: “[email protected]”, “date”: “Apr 9, 2022 10:19 pm”}});window.parent.postMessage( {WorkflowAPICall: msg}, “Your Bubble app”);

I send that from my page Your Bubble app which then is supposed to run my backend workflow through my app.

The backend workflow creates an appointment after receiving this message.

For some reason, I can run this through Postman perfectly, but when I do it through the live version of the app, I come up with nothing.

This is the action that runs within the app.

console.log(“71 Lines Bubble app: ‘Book a call’ button clicked”);

var msg = JSON.stringify( {“endpoint”:“71LinesBookCall”,

“token”:“Bearer [HIDDEN]”, “body”: {“email”: “Input Enter Your Email’s value”, “date”: “AirDate/TimePicker A’s value”}});

window.parent.postMessage( {WorkflowAPICall: msg}, “Get websiteSourceURL from page URL”);

Any thoughts?

Can you post both bubble and postman configuration side by side ? Should be able to help. Thanks.