FAQ Accordion Issue

Hi Bubble Community Experts :blush:

I am having trouble getting my FAQs to display properly. When i click the question, not only does the full answer not display completely, it also displays over the next question, making it hard to read. Also, note that I followed the instructions in this YouTube video to help me create the FAQs if it’s helpful.

Can someone please help me with this issue?

How are you doing it?

I’m not sure I understand your question, but I started by creating an option set with my questions and answers. Then, I created a Repeating Group and text boxes with the dynamic info from the option set.

Anybody here? Bueller?

It’s hard to offer any help if nobody knows what you’re currently doing…

You’ll need to share a lot more info if you want anybody to help you here (screenshots, links to your app/editor etc.)

If you followed the instructions exactly, you would not go wrong. Try checking the layout settings(It should be a column?) or your min height settings as a start.

like what @adamhholmes said, do provide more info and screenshots of your settings

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Thanks for the replies guys. What details would you need, other than what I’ve already provided with the photo and link to how I created the accordion, to be helpful here?

As someone who is relatively new to Bubble, I genuinely am unsure of what else I could convey here.

And I did follow the video exactly. Not sure if you noticed, but it looks like Bubble has made some updates since this video was recorded, so some things aren’t in the same place (like the option to Collapse when Hidden for example).

I’ve come up with a workaround in the meantime by expanding the row width size of the Repeating Group.

You haven’t explained a single thing of what you’re doing as yet… so it’s impossible for anyone to know what you’re doing wrong…

A link to your editor would be the best thing - so someone can actually look and see what you’ve done…

But failing that, some screenshots of your current set up and explanations of what you’re doing, at the very least will be required if you want any specific help.

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I also set up my FAQ according to the video. For expanding/collapse the questions, I had to come up with that on my own. So it’s more of a layout issue on your page. There’s more to it but this is how mine looks, maybe it will give you a starting point

btw are you using the new responsive engine?

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