Repeating Group properties not displaying all options

Hello, Im trying to create a FAQ section and currently following the ‘’ tutorial which is the following one:

But as you can see my properties panel does not show all the options available in the tutorial, so this is getting frustrating because although I followed every step correctly, the FAQ section isn’t working properly because of this.

Thanks to anyone who is willing to help me in this issue.

That’s a three years old video. Bubble introduced new responsive engine in 2022, so some options changed or moved.
What option are you looking for?

Hi there and welcome to Bubble community !

So just to recap your problem, you created your FAQs on the Options Sets, and want to displayed it on a RP right?

Be aware that Bubble is currently making updatings on their platfform and the panels can slitly change over time.

In order to properly help you, describe what you want to do !

Thanks for your reply!

First of all, is there an updated tutorial on how to make a Accordion menu for a FAQ?

Seconth, in the tutorial from the second he made the repeating group I inmmediately got lost. All of this options showed in the tutorial doesn’t exist anymore.

Here is what I’m trying to achieve, the one from the left Accordion Lists

Got it what you wanna do !

Ok, so first step is already done, creating a RP with the data source set for the FAQs.

Now you set the RP with 1 column (click the option "set fixed number of columns) and for the rows that option must be unclicked. You can set the min height of the row, I usually put a low number like 10px, but it will depend on your design. Go to the layout section, select column on the Cells countainer layout.

Now insert a group inside this RP, column layout too and data source “current cells’s All FAQ”. This is gonna be the main group of the current cells. Inside this group create 2 groups, the first is gonna be the “Group Question” and the other is gonna be the “Group Answer”.

On the first group add a text, and I assume that you created atributes on your Option Sets, and select to appear the attribute for the question. This group is shown when the page is loaded.

The second group, is the same, the difference is that you will select the attribute “Answer”, and on the layout section, the option “this is element is visible on page load” must be unchecked, and check the option “colapse when hidden”.

So now, you have to create a workflow: “When Group Question is clicked”, the action is “Toggle Group Answer”.

Now every time that you click on the question it will show or hide the corresponding answer.

In terms of design, you can create conditional to change the colors of the question when is hovered or the group Answer is visible. Eg:

“When Group Anser is visible or this group is hovered” ==> Background Color XXX

Hope I could help you !

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So the first group made on RP doesn’t give me the “current cells’s All FAQ”…

Hello Federico,

You literally have to select the first option: “Current cell’s FAQ” ! is a powerful platform where you can create a lot of things, however, the learning curve can be slow and overwhelming at the beggining, so rather than learning how to make projects on YouTube following step-by-steps, I recommend reading a little more about the fundamentals Bubble basics (you have the Bubble Manual to learn and understand the basics), and then it’s often trial/error until we find the most efficient way to create what we need!

Nonetheless, any doubt you have the community is here to help !

Best regards,

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