Favicon with dynamic # and colored circle

Hi All,

My business users will have my website minimized on their computer screen (Windows) for the entire workday, and will go back to it at certain points in the day.

I need to create a little green circle on the favicon in minimized view on Windows, to only appear when there are new messages to be read, PLUS the number of new messages. A combo of the tabs in the pic below. Any ideas? I have to figure this out in the next two days :sweat_smile:

Trello Facebook and Twitter notifications


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Not sure if someone has made a plugin for this yet or now but this site shows you how to do it using Favico.js

If you don’t know how to do this then maybe have a bubble dev do it for you if you need it urgently and just pay them. :+1:

Thank you! I did see this but I’ve never used JS in Bubble? Where would it go?

I recently started to learn JS outside of bubble, but can’t think of how to implement within the Bubble platform.


I think you do it with this: https://bubble.io/plugin/toolbox-1488796042609x768734193128308700