Favorites Support Please


I’m fairly new to Bubble so I want to thank you for taking the time to review my issue and lend a hand!

When my user views a listing, I would like there to be a favorite/save option to save that listing. I would then like it to appear in a repeating group. I have the repeating group layout complete, I would like feedback on the data set up, the saved button and connecting the saved/favorited items to the repeating group.

Every bit of feedback helps!

Thanks again!

Hi @MJGrayII - you could add a data field (ie Favorites, make as a List) to Listing data type. When a User clicks the icon or whatever to like/save a Listing, you could add that User to the Favorites List for that Listing.

For the Repeating Group (RG), you can use a Search criteria in your RP to show when Favorites Contains Current User.

Hope that makes sense.

Thanks @nikolai I will definitely give this a try and get back to you. I appreciate your help!

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