Need help having favorites appear on pages with favorites element

I am still relatively new to bubble (maybe three months ive been working with it) and I am trying to build an app where the index page has a repeating group with cards and in those cards you can set favorites by clicking a heart (filled/unfilled workflow) I have this working and after a lot of trial and error I managed to set a profile page for each card which pulls the info from the parameter sent and also mirrors the favorites count from the index page for that cell but what I cannot figure out is how to have the filled heart shown on page load when the unfilled heart on the cell in the index page has already been clicked to prevent double favoriting. Please help? Sorry if what I typed makes no sense please let me know where I lost you and I will try and clarify further… thank you

Hi there,

To make a “like” icon, you will need to add a “list of likes” field on the User which is set to be the datatype of the thing you will be liking. Basically whatever it in your Repeating Group.

So “place” or “team” or “picture” or whatever.

When someone clicks on the icon, and this list does not already contain the thing in the RG, then you add it.

If someone clicks on the icon and it IS in the list, then you can remove it.

Then have a condition on the icon that changes the fill depending on whether it is in the user’s “likes” list or not.

so it has to be for a user. that makes sense :slight_smile: thanks :))

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