Feature-based subscription plan

i’ve set a 120 word limit for the free version and i’ve set up a subscription for unlimited use.
When free users used 120 words is stop and must upgrade to pro for more words.

What can I do so that subscribers no longer have the 120-word limit?

I thought of sending them to another page that would be a clone but without the restrictions, I can redirect them to this page right after they subscribe but how can I redirect them to this page when they come back to my site via the main page?

Maybe there’s another way to do it I don’t know it at all I’m new to no code I’m waiting for your opinion. Thanks.

are you asking only this

If so, just remove the limit via a condition on the element based on if the user is subscribed (I am not 100% sure if the element allows for changing the character limit property or not)

If the element doesn’t allow for conditionally changing the character count limit, add another element to the same page of the same type and conditionally make it visible based on if user has a subscription or not, while also applying same logic to the original element.

Thank you for you’re help,

I limit the characters by checking a box ‘limite the number of caracters’ and simply entering the desired number. I’ve tried adding another element but I haven’t managed to configure it and I don’t know exactly what condition I should set.

here’s an example of what I’ve tried but have no idea what I’m doing

Whatever you need the condition to meet. If it is if a user has a subscription it needs to reflect that in the condition. Looks like from the screen shot you have the right condition. If that is the 2nd element make the property to change be so that it is visible.