Feature request: Ability to export portion of database table based on date range

I’d like a way to export a portion of a table in our database based on a date range.

The typical use case is: generate a .csv of all the users who registered this month. Currently, I download them all from the editor, hehe – it’s going to get unwieldy.

Perhaps this is currently supported if there is a special syntax I can type into the search box…???

If not, I’d like to offer this up as a new feature request.

Can you use the custom views in the data tab for this?

No. I don’t believe views in Bubble can do this yet.

Hi @kramwe :slight_smile: You can use a repeating group which shows the results based on a data range, and then use the download data as a CSV action:


Downloading from RG is super slow. It’s impractical to use RG to download more than ~100 rows of data at a time. On top of that, it requires a UI.

I’m really looking for a feature that enables me do readily download data from the backend for the purpose of 1) validating database integrity and 2) to do ad hoc analytics that in code would be pulled out with SQL.

Do you know of another way than RG?

Create a temporary table, and download from that.

Two buttons - 1 to “udpate” the table, then when that is done (I think I used a count of the rows) the 2nd “download” button becomes enabled.


Hi Nigel,

Your handy hack is the only way to realistically download data from the front end. Really looking for a back-end feature here that doesn’t involve creating a front-end solution for every one-off dataset I’m looking to pull.

I don’t know if this is one thing that the SQL db connector is able to solve; it’s unclear to me what it’s doing.

Ah, gotcha.

Yeah, it is annoying. I have a half finished project that utilised the Bubble data connector to allow an app to browse any bubble table, using the meta data. So like the SQL table browsers you can get. Then be able to download the results.

Sadly the Bubble table meta data, as implemented, doesn’t lend itself to this.

Might resurrect this is we can persuade the team to allow for the schema to be available.

Haven’t played with the Bubble data connector yet. Is it’s intended purpose, to pull data out of the bubble database (eg. it might be the feature I’m looking for here)?

Yes, that is what it is there for, and it works pretty well.

Thanks. Will check it out.