Feature Request: Background color in Rich Text Editor

Not having any way to add a background color to a text snippet that will respect the width of the content (for instance, a visual tag) is getting to be a real burden.

I understand that the absolute positioning of elements makes it hard to tell a group to maintain the width of the child content. But a work-around would be to allow users to set a background color in the Rich Text Editor. I looked into the editor that Bubble uses and they don’t have an example of that, though I imagine it’s possible.

Simply doing that would mean Bubblers have a way to mimic inline or inline-block style tags (that have a background color) in any number of scenarios. Or if something like [bgcolor=""] doesn’t work, at least being able to add html attributes like style="" to any snippet (like [b]) would work as well.

Thank you!

Sorry about this one. While I would still like this feature, I now realized I could use the HTML element to do this. False alarm!

Hello @chris10 ! I know this is a topic over a year old but may I ask how do you get around this problem using HTML?