Feature Request: Better Multi-Language Support

The current multi-language support within Bubble simply translates the display to the user to my understanding but it does not change any of the original code.

Additionally, using any multi-language localization service such as GTranslate or Weglot doesn’t work because all text elements display and call via Javascript within Bubble.

We need a way to add human readable text OR a specific key to the JSON object containing all text that is constant and tells a service (such as GTranslate) which texts should be translated and saved as hosted new code on a new subdomain, ex. fr.website.com (for french) or en.website.com (english) etc.

With just the Javascript, there is no constant variable/key, and no way to localize the applications for a specific language. This is major for enterprise level and international level platforms and applications and is currently a very big roadblock for us in our development.

@Bubble I think it would make very good sense to add this to your upcoming roadmap and open up many more international doors.

From the GTranslate Docs:

  1. They should add gt_translate_keys JSON key to current JSON objects**.**

They can You can get more information about JSON translation here::



Hey there, thank you so much for flagging this! Definitely see how this can get in the way of multi-language localization services functioning as expected in a Bubble app - I’ve just gone ahead and submitted your suggestion as a feature request so our Product team can evaluate further. In meantime, this would be an excellent idea to share on our Ideaboard, which allows you to submit feature requests and vote on ideas that other users have shared. Our product team also regularly monitors this and uses it to inform our roadmap.