Multi-Language Support on Bubble?

Is it possible to offer multi-language support on Bubble where it will 1) ask the user for a preferred language on sign up and 2) display in their language of choice as long as the user is logged in going forward?

Is there a method to automatically translate into the language of their choice by way of an API so that I don’t need to configure multiple pages with different languages on each?

In addition to what I want to do above, is there a way to also change the system’s Native language based on the settings the user selects on sign up for language?

  1. Set up a favicon and a language: a favicon is a small icon that you see next to your page name in the browser tab. You can customize it in the Settings Tab, general. You can also pick a general language for your app (if it’s not english, which is the default). Doing so, all native messages and emails will be translated. You can also customize these messages in the Language section of the Settings Tab.

There is a Bubble plugin for integrating Localize.js, but its quite expensive

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@JustinC do you know how and whether it affects the performance? Because it has to check the condition on every page load…

Hi @emmanuel, we found that we can translate in both languages using the conditional tab of a UI element, but there are still plugin elements (like the Full Calendar) in which we can’t control the displayed text. We need urgently to offer two languages for the Full Calendar, how is that possible?

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Not currently. If it’s urgent we can talk about ways to do this (probably sponsored basis, please reach out by email to tell us more)>

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Any progress on this subject? Need also multilanguage. Is it possible to use european 24h in the date type(database). My users are from germany and they are not familar with am/pm.

I`m curious to how the conditionals affect performance. Especially in complex apps.

Has there been any progress on a multi language bubble plugin yet?

If you search the forum you see this

that’s all we have for now, and covers quite some cases.

Better late than never! You can have full control of text language and what’s displayed!!