Feature Request: Geographic places search (geographic restriction/list prioritization)

I’m looking to validate if this is a common interest with other users. (The first part of this post provides context, second part provides solutions). Please comment if this resonates with you or if you have solutions).

Within geographic places search, this goes off of a global list of addresses with no ability to geographically restrict. In doing so, it shows a fair number of low potential matches until a near-complete address is entered.

For example, when I type “mount” I see results for Mountain View, CA (10 miles from my current location) at the same time as South Carolina, New Jersey and New Zealand.

Results when typing “mount”

Further, when typing an exact match address, I see plenty of non geographically relevant results. (Again, currently located in California, but seeing Michigan, despite many 774 S. Main St addresses being nearby. (Ex. 774 S. Main St, Milpitas, CA - 15 miles away - does not appear).


My request is that Bubble enable some constraints on the geographic places search. (Whether these are feasible, I’ll leave to the Bubble team to determine).

Ideas below:

  • A checkbox that enables us to prioritize results based on current geographic position
  • Dynamically set prioritization point for the returned address list (ie. addresses near current listed property’s address).
  • Define the radius limitation of the search (ie. only show results within 50 miles of the defined address)

I believe that this is a core feature missing from Bubble and would make geographic search within apps significantly more powerful.

(Note: I’ve done some testing using a custom API integration using an input and a repeating group. However, the refresh rate is nowhere near the speed of Bubble’s direct search input. Happy to hear solutions/ideas from others).


This would be fantastic! Need one especially, because my application is for users in the UK.


Agreed. It can be confusing for users when they’re asked for their city but then see an autosuggest list with specific addresses.

We’ve also had people submit it as a bug with our app because they thought showing both looked broken.


Bringing this back to life, curious if anyone has a solution?



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Bump again! It would be a great feature to have

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+1 this would make a much better user experience