Geographic Location Search Limitations

Hello! In my application, I ask a user to input a location they would like to search. Here’s the problem:

Currently, I’m not seeing a way to only show cities in the search box - this means someone can search “Colorado”, and have no results show up, even though there could be results in Breckenridge, Boulder, etc.

The option needs to exist to either limit the type of geographic locations that show in the search box (“Only Cities”, “Only Canada”), or to expand how results are showing with a parent-child relationship (Search “United States”, show everything in the United States)

Similar concerns have been raised in these questions, but no answers:

Any insight from how others have solved this problem?


I have seen some feed back, but very little. A lot of users are requesting in depth responses and have not received any.

I wish they would introduce a video if one does not exist already. Geo location is a popular functionality in apps, so i hope they have a solution!


Agreed! I’m really surprised there hasn’t been a prior thread on this where it gets addressed. @executiveadvertising , have you found a workaround solution?

Tagging @fayewatson in this as well to see if you’ve handled this use case before, as you were really helpful on my last forum post :slight_smile:

I’m sorry, but I have not found a solution. I stepped away from bubble for a bit to exercise my Swift skills.

Hey @callen.hedglen! :slight_smile: There isn’t currently a way to add filters to the searchbox element when searching for Geographic Places. However, Bubble’s searchbox element uses the Google Places API, and you can use an input element and a repeating group underneath to achieve a similar UI:

To set this up, you can install the Bubble’s Google Places API plugin and obtain a Google Places API key from Google. I’m not 100% sure how you would only display Cities, but to start, I think the type of Google Places search would be a Nearby Search:

The searchbox on the page below would contain the State where the User lives, and the repeating group would automatically display Google Places within X miles (radius) of the Searchbox location.




Fantastic solution! @fayewatson , thanks again for taking the time to write out a detailed explanation - hoping this helps others out too.

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