Feature Request: Group which can load contents at arbitrary timing to improve page loading speed

Hello bubbler and team,

In one-page application, which has many hidden groups with condition, I think that everyone have experienced taking a lot of time to load page first time.

This loading time depends on performance of the device, which is pc or moblie, and it increases especially with low performance mobile. As far as I think, this is because undisplayed elements are also being processed in the background of the device for preparing to render element and call event.

There are three ways to avoid this.

  1. Divide pages so that the number of elements in one page does not increase too much.

  2. Reduce elements as much as possible, such as groups used for layout, and make them not complicated.

  3. Distribute loading of elements that are not used immediately to arbitrary timing.

What I would like to request as the new element is the group that can do this 3rd option.

We can do this by using repeating group, because it has function to load contents after displayed, but it is hacky.

Below are the results of experiments on page loading speed on a test page which has hidden 1000 groups and hidden deeply nested 1000 groups.

This is result of the page which has the repeating group, which contains all hidden elements, with loaded on page load.

This is with “not loaded” on page load.

run-mode link : test page
editor link
On the test page, pressing the button loads the repeating group and freezes slightly for loading.

It is risky to add this function to existing group, but I think it’s worthwhile to add it as a new element to use for improving page loading speed when finish develop app, what do you guys think?

At least my application can not be published without resolving this.